Assembling your income tax return can be a process that leaves you searching for answers. Based on a study released by the US Government’s General Accounting Office, many taxpayers feel that  they profited by using the services of a professional tax preparer.  (77% of 71 million taxpayers)

Regardless of our opinions about it, current tax laws are so complex that filing even a simple return is perplexing and time-consuming.  Unfortunately, it can be very easy to miss your available deductions and credits.  There is no replacement for the vigilant eye of a seasoned tax professional.

What we provide….

  • Our computer software will analyze and review your tax return to identify potential problems the IRS may scrutinize and double-check the math to limit contact with the IRS.
  • You will receive your refund more quickly with electronic filing of your tax return.
  • No need to give the IRS an interest-free loan for over a year.  Our team will assist you to adjust your payroll withholding to receive more money back every week.
  • We will provide you with potential deductions to lessen your tax liability for the following year. Additionally, we will give you a reference for commonly missed deductions to limit the next year’s tax liability.

Books a Mess? No Problem!

Don’t be concerned if you own a small business and have let your bookkeeping slide from time to time.  We can assist you. We’ll prepare yearly bookkeeping, a corporate income tax return, and your personal income tax return. Then, we’ll devise a simple system that allows you to keep your books in top-notch form for next year.